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posted by [personal profile] michelleann68 at 09:24am on 26/04/2009 under
Made of Honor A cute rom com, kinda what you expect. Kevin McKidd was a nice change of pace. Patrick Dempsey is a womanizer and has a set of rules in regards to women - ie never sleep with the same woman 2x in the same week.  When his BBF goes off to Scotland, he realizes he is in love with her and when she gets back, she is engaged to the perfect man (Kevin McKidd). Patrick then vows to be the best Maid of Honor ever so he can win her heart. Lovely Scottish Countryside, but I thought some of the Scottish stereo types were a little over done at times.  It is a cute movie.

Rating: 7. Would watch again with friends
Scruff: a bit here and there, but nothing too horrible

The Jane Austen Book Club  I loved this movie. It made me want to have my own Jane Austen book club, just as an excuse to re-read all the books and talk about them. *sigh*  I do also want a Grigg (Hugh Dancy with an odd American accent) of my own as well.  No. Seriously. Really. I would have liked if they went into to more discussion about each of the books, I think some were way under appreciated, but overall a strong cast and a contrived but good plot. I kinda remember this movie not getting a lot of love, but I really enjoyed the whole thing.
Rating:  9. Would pick up DVD on Sale
Scruff: None that I noticed, but then I was probably at Grigg's hair and eyes too much. Did I mention I want one JUST LIKE that with the bad American accent and everything.

The Big Tease  A sweet mockumentary with Craig Ferguson as a Scottish hair stylist who wants to compete in the "Platinum Scissors" competition. First he needs a invite.  This is played for laughs but is a sweet movie about believing in yourself no matter how much stuff is stacked against you . TONS of stars make appearances through out the show and I had to smile that Mary McCormack (she is Mary on IPS) made an important appearance. Fun movie to watch.

Rating: 5. I would recommend this on a case by case basis 
Scruff: yes .. and messy scruff at that.

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posted by [identity profile] lea724.livejournal.com at 02:03pm on 27/04/2009
When I saw Made of Honor in the theaters, I *hated* it. Couldn't stand it. But I see in your review that Kevin McKidd is in it?! Now I have to go back and re-watch it just for him. =D
posted by [identity profile] michelleann68.livejournal.com at 02:41pm on 27/04/2009
I wanted to hate it, and I have been hatin' on a bunch of movies, but it just seemed not that bad for a RomCom. Kevin McKidd is awesome as the perfect man. I would have been happy if she ended up with him.

(love your icon *heee* )


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