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posted by [personal profile] michelleann68 at 05:06pm on 01/05/2009 under
Hit and Runway Not the point of the movie- but I had to laugh at Kerr Smith (Justice and Eli Stone) and Peter Jacobson (House) playing boyfriends. Kerr looks sooo young.  The point is of this movie is more the friendship that develops between gay Elliot (Peter Jacobson) and  straight Alex (Michael Parducci). Elliot is a writer and just undiscovered, Alex wants to write a screen play but he has little idea how to put his concepts to paper. They end up as writing partners and the movie cooks along. The fist hour and 20 mins are funny and  just joyous to watch, all the characters are engaging and even with low production value it is still a fun movie. Then the last 30 mins it takes a much darker turn and the pace totally changes, it was a little jarring, but still gave us a nice ending, even if it was awkward to get to it.
Rating:  5. I would recommend this on a case by case basis
Scruff:  The gay characters are smooth and the straight characters sport bits of scruff

Beaten I can't say much without giving away any of the twists in this examination of a marriage falling apart. Robson Green stars and as usual he is just perfect and wonderful in this role of a man making tough decisions. This is really dark and not for people who don't love the angst.
Rating:  5. I would recommend this on a case by case basis
Scruff: None.. Robson avoids  scruff and I love him for it- even though he is a very furry guy

Inspector Lewis (Lewis) This marks the return of Inspector Morse's partner after his death. A really good case that begins when a young girl is shot in the sleep lab. Just a crackin' good mystery, as the suspects and bodies begin to pile up Inspector Lewis tries to adapt to his return home and a new partner who is also full of surprises.
Rating:  7. Would watch again with friends
Scruff: Thankfully none

Bollywood/Hollywood  I think this was meant to be a comedy of manners, but it was just weird. It was very much a Bollywood movie, and it switched between English and Indian without subtitles at times, other times they subtitle heavily accented English, it just seems like a mess. It is a pretty straight forward movie
Rating:  3. I watched it so you don't have to
Scruff: Bits here and there nothing too much

Got my DVD of Ten Inch Hero  today (let's just say that Blockbuster does not make it easy- but they do make it cheap.  *sigh* I really do love this movie- one of the better straight up indy RomCom's made lately. Hard to believe it was filmed in 2006 and was released last year and now finally on DVD.
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posted by [identity profile] peoplewantducks.livejournal.com at 12:20am on 02/05/2009
Beaten rocks
posted by [identity profile] st-jb.livejournal.com at 12:55am on 02/05/2009
I loved Lewis. It's a shame the BBC canceled it because they think it's too expensive to produce. Grr.
posted by [identity profile] daisyx.livejournal.com at 08:28am on 02/05/2009
I'm just gonna squee for ten inch hero... god that sounds so porno? LOL


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