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posted by [personal profile] michelleann68 at 09:46pm on 06/05/2009 under
OSS 117: Le Caire nid d'espions (OSS: 117 Nest of Spies) This is a fantastic spy spoof. It is shot in black and white and mocks it with great respect. So many tiny moments that made me laugh out loud, it is not politically correct and can be a bit offensive at times, but it really is a slice of the 1950's. If you love spy movies this is one to get in line to see. I know SIFF is having a free screening this month and the sequel is slated as the closing moving at SIFF this year. It is a spy movie. Bad guys kill good guy's (OSS117  yes that is his name) best friend (they seem really slashy in the flashbacks- like over the top subtext). He is sent down to find out who killed him. But you don't see this for the plot, you see it for the small details where it sends up the originals.
Rating: 9. Would pick up DVD on Sale
Scruff: NONE and I am a happy girl

Bella  This is the story about how one day can change your life. The lead male is sporting a mountain man beard and longish hair, but I could tell that they had ruined his good looks with all the additional hair. Sure enough Eduardo Verastrgui  was one a male model. without all the fur on his face, he is a handsome man. Here he is in the movie and here he is sans fur. Besides the fur, this is a beautiful delicate movie. The leads are well suited to each other. There is a bit of non straight forward story telling, and once or twice it was a little confusing, but over all this is a lovely movie and I would have liked a more concrete ending, but it was enough to complete the story.
Rating:  5. I would recommend this on a case by case basis
Scruff: see above enough said.

My Faraway Bride (My Bollywood Bride) Oh Jason Lewis how low have you sunk and how you need a few extra sandwiches.  Jason Lewis stars in this cultural fish out of water movie as a man who falls in love with an woman from India. She leaves and does not tell him why, so he stalks her follows her back to India and tries to win her heart. She happens to be a big star and engaged to the director that made her famous.  You know the rest. Lots of musical numbers and some iffy acting round out this predictable movie.
Rating:  2. MEH
Scruff: Yes, smattering of scruff on most of them Indian men. Jason was working the 5 o'clock shadow a few times.
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