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And I ain't talkin Christmas.


Yep.. it is time for the Seattle International Film Festival. 4 weeks of independent and foreign film madness.

Last night the pre-planning kicked off with an evening introduction to the festival.

Dennis went with me. (He needs a nickname - NBF is taken.. I'll think on it)

Well.. we started at my place for a quick dinner, that turned into let's play with Milhouse. Milhouse was feeling very spunky and totally dug having someone new to play with. Once Dennis brought out 'DOT'(The red laser light of Lisa happiness) even Lisa came out to play.

We then scooted out to the show. It was packed. The festival programmers reviewed some of the  programs (New Film Maker, horror, family programming, documentaries, and shorts (SIFF is for the first year one of the festivals that gets to play in Oscar Noms for shorts now). They also haded out a flier with their favs as well.  We were then treated to 42 trailers (88 minutes total) of some of the movies showing at SIFF this year and a handy check off sheet for us to keep track of what seemed good.

Now comes the challenge- Volunteering at SIFF (for free movie passes), going to movies and finding a job.

There are some great movies as usual. I always look forward to the GAYLA film - but this year it is one I have already had an opportunity to see and at $35.00 a ticket (for the movie and party) I decided not to see it again. The Film - Patrik Age 1.5
I reviewed it here.

The opening night Gala is In the Loop  - From the link: A wickedly funny political farce filled with secrets, lies, leaks, plugs, and faulty intelligence, hilariously leading us behind closed doors to reveal bungling bureaucrats, obsequious aides, and the Keystone Cops of government when a British cabinet member's vague public comment about a possible invasion create a firestorm of controversy.

I am volunteering to do Will Call that night, so perhaps I can sneak in to see it.

The closing movie is OSS 117 Lost in Rio I reviewed the first in this series last week. OSS 117: Nest of Spies  (my review)  A fantastic spy spoof. Dennis said he would treat me to the showing. *dances*

Here is the list that we both agreed on.
OSS 117: Lost in Rio
Moon (well mostly agreed - Sam Sheppard is in it and it looks pretty dark and twisty)
500 Days of Summer : the audience rolled at the trailer - it looks really funny
Beauties at War : looks like an interesting commentary on what is beauty
Forever Enthralled  Looks like a beautiful tragic movie
Marcello Marcello  The audience also enjoyed the tailer- The Lead Marcello seems to get into lot of trouble all for want of a girl
I'm no Dummy - a documents about ventriloquists - looks interesting
The Girl from Monaco- Political intrigue and a hooker - looks fun
Final Arrangements : Struggling musician goes to work in a funeral home - hilarity ensues
A French Gigolo Older woman likes young males escorts, even if they have wives.
Chef's Special - no trailer but we both thought it sounded like a fun movie  Chef wants a Michelin and his life gets in the way
A Pain In the Ass - no trailer but sounds Hilarious - An assassin and a sucidal man run into each other and both get their lives turned inside out.
One of us liked these
Hachiko: A Dog's Story - I cried so hard in the trailer (Richard Gere stats in this) that I would not make it through the movie - but Dennis really enjoyed the trailer and is going to go with another friend
The Hurt Locker This looks like a gritty war movie- I asked NBF if he wanted to go (I won't unless he does)
Food Inc (no trailer) This is a movie made for [livejournal.com profile] gin200168 and I will see it if she wants to.

I will be reporting on the movies I want to see and get to, the ones I just happen to get to see and the ones I miss out on.

Question to all of you - would you rather I put the descriptions with the movies? or is the link to the description enough?  Allot of the links also lead to the page with a trailer as well.

I am still massaging my schedule, but this is when the fun begins.
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