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The Pleasure of your Company (Wedding Daze)  What a delightful RomCom with Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher. They are perfectly matched. There are some cringe worthy scenes, but at the end of the movie I had a smile plastered to my face, this quirky group of characters. Everyone is a little stretched personality wise, but somehow it all seems to work together to create a lovely group. The cast includes: Michael Weston, Joe Pantoliano, Joanna Gleason, Edward Hermann, Mark Consuelos, Rob Coddry.  I even went to Swapadvd.com to add it to my wish list as soon as the credits were over. oh the premise, guess that helps. Jason Biggs proposes to his girlfriend and she promptly dies. After a while of depression, he decides to propose to the next girl he sees (Isla Fisher) and this charts their rocky walk to the church.  

Rating:  9. Would pick up DVD on Sale  (I actually already have it on its way from DVDswap.com
Scruff: Sloppy boys = lots of scruff and that makes me cry a little on the inside.

Love and other Disasters Catherine Tate squeeeeee.... Matthew Rhys squeeeee What a delightful movie, again it left me grinning from ear to ear, the ending was clever and fun and wrapped up all the story lines  Brittney Murphy is "Jacks" a Brit/American hybrid who has a collection of crazy friends who she loves muchly. She spends so much time helping then navigate their love lives that she forgets she deserves on as well.  She is really working the Audrey look, like WHOA.. (but you can see where her extensions start, or it is a sloppy dye job and that is distracting) 

Rating:  9. Would pick up DVD on Sale  (on my wish list at DVDswap.com)
Scruff: Sadly all the men had some scruff and to compound that transgression. Matthew Rhys' hair is long- not a good look for him.

I must thank Streaming Netflix for helping me catch up this weekend, it makes it so easy to cram in a ton of movies :)
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The Ten Ten stories designed to explain the 10 commandments are introduced by Paul Rudd and there are too many known names to list them all, but each story brought another - HEY IT'S....  I expected this to be horrible, and besides one story that contained a bunch of shit jokes, it was pretty well balanced and enjoyable overall. If you like Paul Rudd or the guys in The State, then you will most likely enjoy this.

Rating:  7. Would watch again with friends
Scruff: yes.. lots Men trying to appear manly for some reason means scruff

Meet the Robinsons I did not really like this movie most of the way through, but it redeemed itself quite a bit with the ending.  Premise is this little orphan is trying to find a family and he wants to know why his mom dropped him off on the step of the orphanage.  He is a boy genius and tends to blow things up. The animation style is allot like 'The Incredible's'.  There is a villain and an evil hat and time travel, but I really did not find myself caring until the very end, then it was sappy and sentimental and syrupy. So, not bad, I have seen worse cartoons but I have also seen WAY better ones too.

Rating:  5. I would reccomend this on a case by case basis
Scruff: Just of the evil variety

BachelorMan This movie was HORRIBLE, I probably did not get the joke, but the premise is this single guy sees himself as this super hero known as "Bachelor Man" (complete with cartoon inserts and a nifty uniform). He falls in love with his neighbor and works to change so that she will love him too.  It is just terrible with huge road blocks placed in front of the couple not for actual plot development, but for the cheap laugh.

Scruff: A fair amount, but I did not care, b/c I did not care about the movie
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Made of Honor A cute rom com, kinda what you expect. Kevin McKidd was a nice change of pace. Patrick Dempsey is a womanizer and has a set of rules in regards to women - ie never sleep with the same woman 2x in the same week.  When his BBF goes off to Scotland, he realizes he is in love with her and when she gets back, she is engaged to the perfect man (Kevin McKidd). Patrick then vows to be the best Maid of Honor ever so he can win her heart. Lovely Scottish Countryside, but I thought some of the Scottish stereo types were a little over done at times.  It is a cute movie.

Rating: 7. Would watch again with friends
Scruff: a bit here and there, but nothing too horrible

The Jane Austen Book Club  I loved this movie. It made me want to have my own Jane Austen book club, just as an excuse to re-read all the books and talk about them. *sigh*  I do also want a Grigg (Hugh Dancy with an odd American accent) of my own as well.  No. Seriously. Really. I would have liked if they went into to more discussion about each of the books, I think some were way under appreciated, but overall a strong cast and a contrived but good plot. I kinda remember this movie not getting a lot of love, but I really enjoyed the whole thing.
Rating:  9. Would pick up DVD on Sale
Scruff: None that I noticed, but then I was probably at Grigg's hair and eyes too much. Did I mention I want one JUST LIKE that with the bad American accent and everything.

The Big Tease  A sweet mockumentary with Craig Ferguson as a Scottish hair stylist who wants to compete in the "Platinum Scissors" competition. First he needs a invite.  This is played for laughs but is a sweet movie about believing in yourself no matter how much stuff is stacked against you . TONS of stars make appearances through out the show and I had to smile that Mary McCormack (she is Mary on IPS) made an important appearance. Fun movie to watch.

Rating: 5. I would recommend this on a case by case basis 
Scruff: yes .. and messy scruff at that.

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Simple Men  A very independent movie - it is about 2 brothers who are looking for their father, but they are both also running away from things. The script does some interesting things with repetition and circular dialog. But overall I never cared for any of the characters too deeply. It is well shot and if you like quirky movies, where the dialog and emotions are not very much like real life, but stylized- you will enjoy this movie

Rating:  5. I would recommend this on a case by case basis
Scruff- mostly scruff free, but a few of the guys sneak in beards

School of Life Ryan Reynolds is pretty. Chris Gauthier (Vince on Eureka) is made of awesome, especially  as an PE coach. The movie is pretty heart warming. John Astin show up briefly and sets the tone for the movie. David Paymer plays Matt Werner. Matt's dad,  Stormin' Norman Werner (John Astin) has won teacher of the year for 42 years straight and then he dies. Matt decides to try to win the next year, but ultra cool teacher Mr. D (Ryan Reynolds) shows up and works his own kind of magic with the students. This movie became much more then a silly little comedy about 1/2 way through and left me crying for the last 1/3. It is a sweet under appreciated effort.
Rating:  7. Would watch again with friends
Scruff: a tiny bit but for the most part smooth

Superbad I thought Nick and Nora was a much better movie. I just never really cared about any of the characters. I kinda liked McLovin for all of his dorkness, but the overacting and cheap jokes wore on me after a while. If I were a boy I think I  might have been able to relate to the movie, but since I never was male and never saw the big deal about alcohol, I had trouble relating.

Rating: 2. MEH
Scruff: None really they are H.S. Students

The Alibi (Lies & Alibis) The first scene is Jerry O'Connell in an American  flag thong - please put some clothes on that boy and show him to the buffet- he was way way too thin.  This is a good caper story, it takes a while for it to all build and come together and at times is a weee bit confusing, but if you like Leverage, or Hustle, I think you would enjoy the movie. It is not flawless - but is a fun ride. Steve Coogan is awesome in it.

Rating:  8. Would Watch again by myself
Scruff: A little bit of scruff but not too much

You Don't Mess with the Zohan  if all the racial stereo types were not bad enough, the dick jokes, Mariah Carey trying to act, the part that I hated the most was Cat hacky sack. This is just a terrible movie with a ton of known names.  I liked Zoolander, but this movie was just a lame and terrible movie,  I would have to suspend my disbelief sooo much that it would no longer exist (that makes no sense and neither does the movie)

Rating:  3. I watched it so you don't have to
Scruff: Lots and lots ..
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As a newbie to Cycling and add to the fact it is rarely on TV, I have been looking for sources to keep up with the sport.

Found this great resource that lists all the cycling Twitterers for Cycling: mashable.com/2009/02/26/twitter-cyclists/

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The Accidental Husband Sweet sappy and adorable. Colin is lovely with his suits and his chivalry and his Britishness. The movie is contrived and over worked with an odd Bollywood tribute in the center. If you like Uma Thurman , Jeffery Dean Morgan, or Colin Firth then it is at least worth a sick day in bed or a giggle with girlfriends
Rating:  8. Would Watch again by myself
Scruff- I doubt JDM would be in a movie w/o scruff. Colin - nice and smooth *sigh*

Star Trek Okay- I sold my soul and attended the free screening that was for SIFF members only- so it was full but not oppressively so. (there were a few seats here and there.) It was not horrible and I did jump a few time. I even grabbed NBF's hand once, lucky he is use to that from me.  I was surprised to see Jennifer Morrison in a small roll. Simon Pegg as Scotty was awesome casting.  I thought that the story telling was clunky and a bit of a mess. McCoy's (Karl Urban) dialog made me cringe every time he showed up.  I wanted to blame the actor (he does seem out of place at times), but I am going to blame the script writer. (They seemed to add "Dammit Jim" when every they could - even if it really did not fit the scene). They worked really hard to get some of the catch phrases in, and a few times I cringed, and the audience laughed. There are some overly contrived twists to get to the ending that sets up a sequel, but I will not spoil them.

Rating:  7. Would watch again with friends
Scruff- totally missing - hey it is Starfleet

I am so gonna need to catch up on movies this weekend.
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Barnes and Noble is offering 9 Audio Books for free - totally legal :)


They are all short Stories and include:
The Babysitter's code - Laura Lippman
Super Goat Man - Jonathan Lethem
Best New Horror - Joe Hill
Great Day - Kurt Vonnegut
Fathers -Alice Munro
Truth or Dare - Elizabeth Berg
Ysrael- Junot Diaz
Merrano of the Dry Country - Louis L'Amour
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer- Mark Twain
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Well, here is the short recap of the SF trip, with 2 slideshows. I thought I would try them out, rather then a ton of pics. Let me know which you all prefer.

Read more... )
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Those following my twitter know that I am finally home from SF.

I am tired - think the light sunburn is helping to make me feel worn out.

One of many goals was to make [livejournal.com profile] evila_elf try 27 new things (since this was her first plan flight - we were off to a good start). Once I confer with her and we complete the list- we will post it.  Took lots of photos as usual as well, so I need to get them off the camera and popped up on Photobucket- but tonight I think catch up on telly and chill, maybe a bath too.

So, yes [livejournal.com profile] daisyx the half naked men pics will be up later this week. :)

I have not been on LJ since Friday - so if I missed anything big, let me know. :)

Off to cuddle with the kitties.
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so.. I have boycotted everything JJ since he came out and said he screwed up Alias.. but I got this invite in my e-mail today:

Exclusive Preview Screening
of Star Trek
Tuesday, April 21 at 7:00pm
Meridian 16 (1501 7th Ave)

*You must register to attend.


Star Trek
Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment Present
A Bad Robot Production
"Star Trek"
From director J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, Lost, and Alias), producers Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk and screenwriters Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman (Transformers, MI: III) comes a new vision of the greatest space adventure of all time, "Star Trek," featuring a young, new crew venturing boldly where no one has gone before.

Starring: John Cho, Ben Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Winona Ryder, Zoƫ Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, with Eric Bana and Leonard Nimoy

Executive Producers: Bryan Burk, Jeffrey Chernov, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman
Produced by: J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof
Based upon "Star Trek" Created by: Gene Roddenberry
Written by: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman
Directed by: J.J. Abrams

Release Date: May 8, 2009
Running Time: 126 min.

I would get to see it free so that means I would not be putting $$ in his pocket and it is going to be huge so I will not be left out of discussions and it is a movie not a TV show - so how much can he screw it up...

Should I see it? (I am sure the screening will "sell out" in the next few hours.. but please vote...

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