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2009-05-08 01:51 pm
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Hide Oh Christian what I do for you. This was on top of my Netflix view now queue, so.. I watched it.  It is not horrible, terrible. Christian actually gives a pretty strong performance. It is just that the movie makes NO sense, there are scenes in it that I dtill don't get. The BIG twist comes at the very end, actually with the last line, so you have to wait around to find out what is actually going on. Even when you get the twist, there are still several scenes that actually have no relevance to the overall plot (what there is of a plot). And do not get me started on the facial hair/feather in long hair thing he has going on at the start of the movie, OR the way it looks like some hedge clippers attacked his head in most of the movie (his hair was actually lopsided). 
Rating: 4. I only watched it for Christian Kane and it was NOT worth it
Scruff: More then I ever should have to see .. see above

Bon Cop, Bad Cop I had heard good things about this movie and it was a delight to watch, nothing really new- it is a buddy type movie. The twist (since there always has to be a twist) The Bon Cop is English speaking Martin Ward (Colm Feore), and the bad cop is French Speaking David Bouchard (Patrick Haurd). They are both over wrought stereotypes, but there is na sweetness to their chemistry that is wonderful. (Even David's ex wife who lives in the bottom of the house suggests Martin go upstairs and sleep in her ex-husband apartment). The best parts are not when they are trying to piece together a pretty sloppy plot, but when they are bantering in a mixture of French and English.  The whole movie plays on the differences of French and English and its usage.  I would love to see these 2 paired up again trying to get the bad guy.
Rating: 9. Would pick up DVD on Sale
Scruff: YES, both the David (since he is "bad" *rolls eyes) and of course the criminals

Alice Upside Down Luke Perry and Penny Marshall are in supporting roles in this tween journey story. Her mom is dead, her dad moved them to a new town and her brother is instantly popular, and that is just the start to what is wrong with Alison's life.  It is pretty standard fare, nothing OMG original. If you are a fan of Luke or Penny they both put in good performances with the material they are given.
Rating: 2. MEH
Scruff: NONE. but it is a tween movie. Luke is all smooth :)
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2009-05-08 02:34 pm
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A proposition

I am following @WinStarTrek on Twitter and I actually won something. Well that something arrived via Fed Ex this afternoon.

*drum roll please* 

I have no real need for the poster, and I suppose I could put it on ebay, but I had another idea, and I have no idea if this will work or not.

I will send it to someone at my expense. But the catch is I would like to ask that the person who "wins" make a donation to donorschoose.org, a pet welfare organization or your local food bank.

So here is the idea.  Post a bid (starting bid is $10.00), that you promise me you can make and I will update the post to make the highest bid known. After a week, I will send out the poster and then I ask the winner to make the donation. If you know a Trek or Hero's Fan  who would love this, feel free to link there here. In this really horrible economic time (believe me, I know I am still looking for work) this is a small opportunity to help out an organization that really needs it as well.  
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2009-05-08 05:30 pm
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Its the most wonderful time of the year

And I ain't talkin Christmas.


Yep.. it is time for the Seattle International Film Festival. 4 weeks of independent and foreign film madness.

Last night the pre-planning kicked off with an evening introduction to the festival.

Dennis went with me. (He needs a nickname - NBF is taken.. I'll think on it)

Well.. we started at my place for a quick dinner, that turned into let's play with Milhouse. Milhouse was feeling very spunky and totally dug having someone new to play with. Once Dennis brought out 'DOT'(The red laser light of Lisa happiness) even Lisa came out to play.
got a little long winded :)  )